The  mail-ship of one of your colleagues got destroyed by space junk.

It is now your mission to Clean up the orbit to rebuild a secure delivery route

and retrieve the mail which got lost in space.

This game was made by second year students of the Creative Media and Game Technologies study at Saxion university.

You can find us here:


Jana Vieler - group leader, lvl design, narrative, UI and lvl implementation

Lisanne Picker - lvl design, UI design, UI and lvl implementation in unity



Jonas Bartsch - 3D main assets, particle effects and shader, 

Sara Schäfer - Scrum master, concept art, 3D environment assets & pickups, texturing, asset and animation setup in unity

Farshad Firouztash - Music and sound effects, UI, trailer storyboard and setup, 



Lukas Hausmann - UI functionality, FSM, Shader and animation functionality, Level generation, power-ups & spawning, tooling

Raphael Baier - player scripts and camera controller, tooling and gizmos, collision system, Audio implementation, Kessler-effect, High-score and feedback system, Git-maintenance

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